The special women in our lives deserve to know how much we appreciate their love and everything they bring to our lives. If you have a wife or mother who loves to garden, a new backyard garden shed could be a much-appreciated gift for her to enjoy. There are several things to consider when making your decision and we can help you to sort through the options available.

backyard garden shed and woman standing in frontFirst of all, you need to consider the appropriate size for the new shed. Assess how much area is available, the best location options and shed accessibility. For instance, you don’t want a shed that overpowers the backyard, stands out like a sore thumb or that is difficult to get in and out of due to blockages near the entrance. You should be able to get a rough idea of the maximum dimensions based on these factors.

Determining the minimum size for the shed will help you when narrowing search parameters. In order to do this, you will need to think about the various equipment, tools and supplies that she will need to keep on hand. From bags of fertilizer to small hand tools, everything should be able to fit into the space. Ease of access is applicable here as you don’t want to have to move three bags of fertilizer in order to get to your tools.

Backyard gardening sheds are available in a wide range of construction styles and materials. You can peruse the options to determine which will look best in the backyard. Faux surfaces can be employed to coordinate with the home exterior. You can also opt for hardwoods, metals or whatever you find that suits your plans. However, it is essential that you investigate how well the material will hold up in the local climate. For instance, a weak roof will turn disastrous during a heavy snowstorm and cheap untreated wood can become a home buffet for termites and other pests.

Just as you need a solid roof, a good foundation is vital to having a dependable shed. Find out what the local regulations are and whether or not you need to obtain a permit for the shed and foundation. For those intending to add power or water supply to the shed, the work may need to be done, or at least checked and approved, by a professional. You don’t want to invest time and money into a great shed only to discover you have to tear it down because you didn’t obtain some obscure permit.

Some sheds include shelving in the construction, which can make it ready to use once built. However, additional storage can often be added to these buildings, depending on the size and configuration. Whether you choose to include shelving and storage is up to you. Either way, your garden-loving wife or mother is sure to appreciate your thoughtful gift!


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