We will take a look at the process that we use when constructing our storage sheds and the craftsmanship that is put into our portable buildings. If you want to learn more, you are encouraged to call us today.

Is It Better To Build On Site Or Have The Building Delivered?

metal gabelMost of the buildings that we make are built in our warehouse and then delivered to our customer’s property. If a building is particularly large or heavily customized, then building it on our site and delivering it is not always possible. Some buildings ordered are just too big to deliver and others have features such as gates or fences that require them to be built on the client’s property.

Building on site has a few advantages. It’s easier to build larger units on the client’s property which eliminates any concerns about transporting the building. However, building it on-site creates a great deal of disturbance to the property during the building process. When a building is delivered, the shed mule is used to prevent damage from being done to the property and very little disturbance occurs.

The Process

Rollin Mini Barns start from the beginning. There are times when a customer has some request that simply isn’t possible and when that happens, our team works with the client to come up with alternative ideas that are suitable and structurally sound.

Just as soon as we are able to formulate ideas that meet the customer’s needs and wants, the order is given to the office where they will once more look everything over everything to make sure that it is indeed ready for us to start building. It is then time for the builders to get the plans and they will yet again check everything over before they start building. The purpose of all this checking and rechecking is simply to ensure that we provide our customers with the very best results.

It’s now time to start the process of assembling and building the structure. Everything will be made to the highest quality for each and every building produced. Here is our process for a metal storage building.

1. Preparing The Joists To Lay

2. Laying The Joists And Adding The Floor

3. Framing The Metal Storage Unit

4. Adding The Support System

5. Adding The Metal

6. Finishing The Roof

7. Sealing And Completion

Now it’s ready to be delivered.

Delivering Our Storage Sheds

The way in which we make our storage sheds makes it reasonably easy to deliver it right to the property where you want it. We use only delivery trucks that are designed for the job they are doing. Our trucks are driven by professionals who have the experience in delivering these types of buildings. After the building has arrived, we use a mule for installing the building on your property. The mule is used to maneuver the shed or building into even the most difficult or tightest places without tearing up your property. In most cases, we are able to put it exactly where our client wishes it to be.

Why Our Products Stand Above The Competition

When our customers call us, we can guarantee that we will use only the best methods and materials for producing their building. We focus on quality more than quantity. Our community and traditions have a long history of woodworking and carpentry along with many other skilled trades and we continue to pass those special secrets down through the generations. The thing that sets us apart more than anything else is simply the way in which we approach our work. Our thinking is totally focused on producing a product with integrity and honesty and above all else, quality.

We are able to provide most customization options for our customers. If what the customer wants is structurally sound, we can move forward and if not, we can discuss options to give the customer what they want so they can have a building that will last. Some of the options can include insulated flooring, flower boxes, skylights, dormers, shelves and lofts and most anything a customer can imagine.

Types Of Buildings

In the past, there were only limited uses of sheds but today they are used for many more things. Here are some of the more common uses of these buildings:

  • Storage for ATVs, Vehicles, motorcycles, and boats
  • Tool sheds
  • Repair shop, Hobby shop, Woodworking Shop
  • A garden shed with tools, seeds, and equipment
  • The ultimate man cave or woman cave
  • Art Studio

Are You Ready To Buy?

If you are now imagining all the possibilities and you’re ready to buy your own outdoor storage building, then you should contact us or you can visit one of our nearby locations. Always check the permit requirements in your particular area.